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Today, 05/24/2018, the Chinese Almanac says: "Shut: Heaven and Earth, Yang and Yin, Open and Shut. This is the day of burial and concealment"

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Nacho in his office of Ponta Delgada

In-person consultations in Ponta Delgada

Written on by Nacho in Consultations by phone

Since early may I'm attending in-person consultations in the Yin Yang Clinic of Ponta Delgada (Açores - Portugal), the place is between the Solmar supermarket and the VIP Executive Hotel, just in front of the city firemen headquarters.


Nacho aboard Xebec

The story of Xebec and me

Written on by Nacho in About me

As so many people kept asking about how I ended up living in a small boat and doing tarot consultations at the same time, it was time to explain it, even if I had to resume 10 years of my life in a few lines.


tarot consultation

Tarot consultations in English

Written on by Nacho in Consultations by phone

After 12 years attending to tarot consultations in Spanish by phone or email, I decided to officially offer that same service in English even if I don't speak it as well as I would like, but the truth is that I have been doing it for a while whenever somebody asked for it.



Hard facts about Jupiter

Written on by Nacho in The Jupiter cycle

It is the largest planet in the solar system and one of the cornerstones of Chinese Astrology, in this small article I explain the few basic things anyone interested in astrology should know about it.


Hajime using his telescope

Jupiter's 12 years cycle and the Chinese Zodiac

Written on by Nacho in Astronomy basics

It may be just a chain of coincidences, but Jupiter takes 12 years in going around the Sun, and just once each 1000 years its position coincides with their corresponding 12 chinese solar months signs, the last time it matched was in the 20th century.


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