FAQ: questions about my tarot readings

Here you can read the answers to the most asked questions about my tarot readings, anyway, feel free to write me or call me ((+351) 922 293 347) with any inquiry.

 How much costs a tarot consultation with you?

Re: 50 euros, which depending on the exchange rate could be around 60 US$ or 40 GBP, the exact amount is calculated by Paypal or your bank when you make the payment.

 Which moment of the day is best for calling you with an inquiry?

Re: Any moment is good, just keep in mind that if I don't answer the phone it may be because I'm out of office or in a consultation; of course I turn off the phone for sleeping and other personal moments, so you can call me without worry.

As for the time difference, here in the Azores we are one hour behind London time and four hours ahead Washington DC.

 In the tarot consultation can I ask about different issues?

Re: Yes, no problem, the duration is flexible, around one hour, but as long as the questions remaining are important and it makes sense to look at them with the cards, there is no problem in stay a little bit longer.

 How long have you being doing tarot readings?

Re: Professionally since 2004, but I have being doing it on a personal level (with friends and so) since 1995.

 How can I pay the consultation?

Re: By Paypal or Bank transfer, just write me for the details.

 Do I have to pay the consultation before doing it?

Re: Yes, first you pay, then we do the consultation. Anyway we can arrange the date and time before you make the payment.

 How much will cost me the phone call?

Re: When doing the tarot reading by phone I can call you to most land lines and mobiles without additional cost.

If you call me, it will depend on your phone company, my actual number is a Portuguese mobile phone.

 How often your forecasts are right?

Re: It's hard to say because not everybody tell me afterwards if things happened as seen in the cards, but basically, people who call me or write me again will say mostly everything happened as I said.

Anyway keep in mind that the future you see in the cards is not something carved in stone, very often it depends to some degree on your decisions or other factors that are not defined yet, so don't expect that I tell you the future as an already made movie, but just a series of trends and stages one after the other where you should be able to change what it comes next up to a certain degree.

 Could I record my tarot consultation by phone?

Re: Yes of course, many people do that for being able to listen to it again after some weeks or months; I think it's a good idea.

Alternatively some people like to write down notes on a paper, it's also ok to ask me to wait while you write.

 May I ask about health problems?

Re: Yes, you can if you want, but my experience is that rarely this is of any help, and too much often if things are not seen happy in the future you can feel that it would have been better not to ask the cards about that.

 Could we talk using programs like Skype or Gtalk?

Re: I would like very much to get those programs working in my computer, but as I live in a boat and most of the time I'm in places with not so good internet connection, my experience is that those voice programs are not reliable at all in my current situation, that's why I include the cost of the call in the consultation price.

Anyway the text chat modes of those programs do work here and we could do the consultation that way if you prefer.

 Which time limit have the tarot consultations?

Re: There is no strict limit, but typically one hour should be ok to look at all the issues you may have in a detailed way.

 Which days you do tarot readings?

Re: From Monday to Friday except Portuguese bank holidays; if you just can do the consultation on weekends I could try to find a moment for it, just ask before making the payment.

 Do you have whatsapp, facebook, linkedin...?

Re: No, sorry, I don't, just email and telephone, I don't even use smartphones at all, however it could be possible to do a consultation by Skype if you prefer it that way, it's just a regular skype account forwarded to my mobile phone.

Nacho, the webmaster

Nacho (the webmaster)

During many years an unhappy Unix sysadmin, since 2004 write in this website, mostly in spanish, and do tarot consultations for a living.

I was born in Spain 40 years ago, in 1999 finished studying industrial engineering and began my short sysadmin career, then in 2008 moved to a small sailing boat and have being going from one place to the next since then, although lately stay most of the time in the Azores islands.

You can see my whole profile here.


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